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When collecting names and contacts from your network, organize them into a general sponsor master file that can come in two forms: Once you have all the potential package elements, it`s time to gather the different generic referral sales packages that only you see. These “packages” are designed by your sponsors and the assets they list as important to their sponsorship success. The following definitions are intended to help you define these offerings. You should always sell opportunities, but frame those opportunities in levels of participation. Below are definitions of referral levels that would be relevant to your potential referral partners. As part of the overall planning of your event, you want to create a media plan. Without the media sponsors who promote your event and provide media to your sponsors as part of your offer, you may need to purchase television, radio and/or print media. Be sure to include the Internet in your media plan. MWR installation commercial website,, or local media websites, etc. You may also want to consider buying outdoor advertising such as billboards. As with any media planning, remember that you need to involve your sponsors in all of these marketing elements.

Radio labels, TV labels, inclusion in all print versions and internet presence are part of a company`s brand strategy and important elements of your sponsorship offers. [1] For example, if you left your watch for repair and nothing was said about the amount you would be charged, you would be required to pay the reasonable value of the services, even if no specific agreement was ever reached. Of course, implicit contracts are sometimes difficult to prove. The force majeure clause ensures that neither party is liable for unforeseeable and reasonably uncontrolled events, such as weather delays, terrorism, civil disobedience, acts of the enemy of the state, lockout cargo embargoes or force majeure. In the past, when preparing the sponsorship offer, people took great care to describe the different elements of sponsorship and the benefits they offer. They carefully packed the media, hospitality, sales promotion, signage and on-site offers to offer a fair and equitable opportunity, whether it was title sponsorship or one of the supporting sponsorship agreements. Next, they studied the potential market to determine which sponsors would be best qualified to participate. who had audience and marketing needs parallel to those of the sponsorship offer. In short, they did their homework. Each commercial sponsorship office should develop an SOP. The SOP must address the applicable regulations and guidelines of the military and the Ministry of Defense, which govern the commercial sponsorship and advertising program, but also be facility-specific.

The basic requirement for the document is to ensure that everyone in contact with the referral and advertising program is aware of the steps to follow to ensure the success of the program. Last but not least, inform your command of your focus on developing professional sponsorship and the critical time it takes to build relationships that lead to sales. Consider creating quarterly summaries of the progress you are making and the goals of your research. Continue to encourage your entire team to network and build relationships. When managing your entire database (to which every member of your team should be able to have entries), code with the employee`s name. Again, the goal is to include all facility resources to achieve the goals of the referral program. A PO may raise funds for the facility in accordance with local guidelines and in accordance with the purpose contained in its charter approved by the local commander. A purchase order may raise funds or receive donated money or products through solicitation of businesses in the local community, but may not promise advertising exposure or public recognition for the establishment of that business beyond the membership of the PO or outside of the activity for which the solicitation is made. POs cannot organize or compete with MWR events and therefore cannot request donations or commercial sponsorship on behalf of MWR, nor distort their affiliation/relationship with the facility in such a way that the company believes that it is the facility represented by the MWR Sponsorship and Advertising Manager and not a PO that requests it. (See AR 210-22, chapter 3-1.b.(3)) The marketing and advertising plan is crucial because it contains the essential elements to the value of sponsorship. The plan may include the following: Keep track of each item used and specific numbers of each item.

This amount can be estimated as the number of impressions for the sponsor. In Army MWR`s commercial sponsorship, you trade the value of your events and opportunities for the value you need, e.B money, products or other resources. The key here is to understand all the marketing and branding opportunities available to a sponsor through your property, and then assign value to those opportunities, both tangible and intangible. After reviewing the overall picture of the event and its impact, group the assets together to form your overall offering. One of the current methods of developing referral offers is to show your potential sponsor an event inventory checklist, which then allows them to choose exactly what is important to them and tailor their sponsorship to their specific needs. (See Appendix SD for event benefits checklist) In return, you offer to share information about your sponsorship events and activities. As always, thank the person for their support. Army MWR sponsorship professionals are a small community competing with other forces for military marketing budgets for Army MWR programs and events. Remember that our mission is to support soldiers and their families by promoting and contributing to high-quality events that achieve this goal and give our customers a positive image of MWR. Cooperative cooperation benefits everyone.

Additional Tactics: The Sponsor would then register anyone who tests the vehicle for prizes and additionally offer a $500 coupon (or any other dollar amount it deems appropriate) from the purchase of the car for a limited time after the event. Note that neither financing conditions nor sales can be discussed during installation. Other items that sponsors appreciate as extras are collectibles and special recognition items. Memories can be tangible things, like CDs signed by your artists or event posters signed by celebrities. Elements of appreciation may include framed letters from your commanding general, certificates of recognition signed by the commanding general, installation pieces, or other military memorabilia. These thank you articles enhance your ability to continue your referral relationships and are not elements that involve you when you show referral value to your sponsors. Make sure the logo is legible in the size you are using. You may want to include the sponsor`s “mention” rather than “logo use” in your referral packages, which will give you the freedom to use the sponsor`s printed name that fits into a smaller room and can probably be any color.

Whenever possible, have the sponsor approve the proof or layout of the use of its logo. This puts an end to misunderstandings before they happen The opportunity overview is the actual sponsorship selling piece. Think of it as the menu of opportunities that a sponsor can work with you to incorporate it into their final package. .


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