Replacement Under Warranty If you believe your Expo Imaging product is defective during the warranty period, please contact Expo Imaging customer support by phone 90984-72777 or by email at for a warranty return authorization from an Expo Imaging representative. Will communicate with you to determine whether or not to authorize warranty replacement. When authorized, Expo Imaging will exchange the Product at no charge.

Expo imaging will ship a replacement product for you, freight prepaid. You are responsible for safely packing the defective Product and for returning Expo Imaging within seven (7) working days of receipt of the replacement. Expo Imaging requires a debit or credit card number to secure the cost of a replacement product in the event you fail to return the defective product.

The replaced item becomes the property of ExpoImaging. The replacement product may be new or refurbished to ExpoImaging’s standard of quality, and may, at ExpoImaging’s option, be another model of similar type and quality. ExpoImaging’s liability for replacement of the covered product shall not exceed the original retail price of the product. Exchanged products assume the remaining warranty period of your original product to be covered by this warranty.

This warranty covers normal use only. This warranty is not transferable. Expo Imaging is not responsible for warranty replacement should the Expo Imaging label or logo be removed or the product fails to be properly maintained or misused, misused, immersed in liquids, improper installation, neglect, improper Should shipping fail to function properly as a result of damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, or service, other than as a result of exposure imaging.